BlasterOne EOD Equipment, Inc. is an Arizona Corporation, based in Tempe, AZ (USA) that designs and manufactures innovative and affordable high-energy blasting machines, and other devices for explosive-related operations.

We take pride in designing and assembling all of our products in-house; ranging from handheld blasting machines, to robot-mounted combo initiators, and remote blasting systems. Our product range allows us to service a variety of industries, such as: EOD; Public Safety Bomb Squad (PSBS); Tactical Breaching; Mining, Construction, and Demolition; Special Effects; and Pyrotechnics.

Cory R. Starr founded the company that would eventually become BlasterOne in 2006. Mr. Starr was a veteran Special Effects Coordinator, having engineered explosive effects for film and television for over 20 years, before focusing on commercial blasting equipment after he invented the Buzz-mo, the original haptic bridgewire continuity tester. Mr. Starr is a BATF&E Licensee; a current member of both the International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (since 2007), and the International Society of Explosives Engineers (since 2010); as well as a former Police Officer.

At BlasterOne excellent customer service is as paramount to our ethos as is innovative design. We strive to make the toughest jobs easier:

We make the button; you make the bang!