Blaster One® – Designing and manufacturing innovative equipment for explosive-related operations since 2007.

Whether it’s bridgewire testers; robot-mounted combo initiators;

The venerable Buzz-mo® started it all, then Digi-mo® added live metering. The new UCIR-DP brings combo initiation to your robotics program.

Handheld, tactical breaching machines;

The DCT-80 is our 2nd Gen. tactical combination blasting machine, with one-handed operation, and a small package that fits in your vest pouch.

High-energy, capacitive-discharge blasting machines;

The BB-75 is our most popular model; thousands-strong, and a worldwide presence.

…or our WISeTM remote wireless blasting systems, BlasterOne® has you covered!

Our WISeTM DCR Kit packs high-power blasting in a small, secured-wireless kit; while the forthcoming MC5 Kit operates up to five Remotes.